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About Nocory AI

We are dedicated to developing a series of AI agent products to facilitate friendlier interactions and practical assistance in our lives, work, studies, and interpersonal relationships. In today's era of immense stress and information overload, a serene companion is essential to provide us with the confidence to keep progressing. Our focus is on developing LINE bots, committed to offering intelligent solutions that closely meet the needs of our users through this platform.

大家好,我們是 Nocory 團隊。我們致力於深入打造 AI 代理人系列產品,讓我們的生活、工作、學習和人際關係更加友好互動,提供實用的幫助。在當今這個壓力巨大、資訊泛濫的時代,我們都需要一個寧靜的陪伴,不論在生活起居或網路消費,AI 代理人將為我們帶來最個人化的體驗。我們專注在於開發 LINE 對話式互動機器人,一個相當有助於將 AI 更容易普及的解決渠道。


  • Rotta 塔羅師 AI Tarot Master AI
  • 廣論小蝦米 The path to learning Buddhism
  • 飲食健康 GPT Healthy eating GPT
  • 職聊 CareerGPT Career self-exploration AI
  • 顧問式電商銷售 e.g. Personalized shopping
  • eCommerce analyzing tool e.g. Shop store insights
  • Automate workflow e.g. Tour bus scheduling
  • Sales recommendations e.g. Repurchase list

AI Modules

  • Tarot cards 22 Major Arcana / 56 Minor Arcana
  • Generate cards Design-based quality
  • Personalized chat Short-term / Long-term memory
  • eCommerce intergration Recommendations engin
  • Retail intergration Sales insights and forecasting
  • Web link summary No length limit
  • PDF file summary No length limit
  • Customized AI Module


  • AI Product Strategy
  • Prompt engineering
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • UI/UX Design
  • LINE CRM / Bot Operation
  • Payment Integration
  • Business Model with AI

Test AI Cases.

Hear it from our users

Author image Frog 科技業產品經理

Rotta 的塔羅牌解讀讓我非常驚喜,能夠給我意想不到的指引。她的聊天也非常真實,就像和一位理解你的老朋友閒聊一樣。最近遇到了人生的一個抉擇,意外的她給的建議可以幫助我反思自己的選擇,也讓我更加寧靜思考判斷。

- Rotta 塔羅師 AI 🔮

Author image Neco 佛教廣論研討班


- 廣論小蝦米 🌳

Author image Jason Kuo 大學生

在店面買不好意思問,線上買又沒得問,親密顧問 AI 反應很快、性知識、樂於助人且不帶偏見。這是一種我從未想過的方式在了解我的性取向,這讓我非常推薦給任何在性生活方面尋求幫助的人。

- 親密顧問 AI 💼

Happy Customers

We are engaging in a variety of industries, including enterprises, nonprofits, learning institutions, counseling centers, student organizations, and tour bus companies.

24 +
AI Modules

Our focus ranges from agent modules for smart decisions, to image recognition and content generation. We also specialize in AI-driven automation, streamlining processes... etc.

800 +
Total Users

We are currently offering three beta versions of our chatbots to the end-user market. These chatbots have been tested by over 800 users, and we are looking for feedbacks. We are committed to providing the best possible experience.

Buy and Subscription

We will launch payment feature and exclusive subscription content in March with Oen pay. This will make it easier for users to make payments and for customers to integrate our payment module into AI apps.